5 Pairs of WWE Superstars who were interestingly born on the exact same day

Several current and former WWE Superstars were born on the exact same day
Several current and former WWE Superstars were born on the exact same day

Interestingly, several current and former WWE Superstars share the same birthdays. Birthdays and star signs are supposed to say something about a person's character and personality. Sometimes there are much bigger things that define a person's personality, this includes where they were born and how they were raised.

That being said, there are still many people who believe that being born in a specific month or on a certain day of the week has a big impact on the person that you grow up to become.

The following list looks at just five pairs of drastically different superstars who were born on the same day.

#5. Eve Torres and Erik - August 21st, 1984

Eve Torres came to WWE through the annual Diva Search and was crowned the competition's winner in 2007. Torres was the final winner of the tournament before it was later returned in 2013. She went on to dominate the women's division following her victory.

Torres won the Divas Championship during her time in the company but requested her release after just five years to pursue a new career path. She has since welcomed a family, became an ambassador, and now works as an instructor for the Gracie Women Empowered Self-Defense program.

Erik Rowe took a different path to WWE after competing on the independent scene as one half of War Machine. The duo later became The War Raiders and then The Viking Raiders on the main roster.

Rowe is currently part of the SmackDown brand. However, it's hard to believe that he and Eve, who had very different career paths and are now in different places in their lives, were born on precisely the same day.

#4. Former WWE Women's Champion Stacy Carter and Tajiri - September 29th, 1970

Stacy Carter is perhaps best remembered as Miss Kitty or The Kat and her relationship with WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler. Carter was a huge part of the women's division for several years from 1999-2001 when the company abruptly released her.

Interestingly, Carter is remembered as the only woman to win a championship in a four-corner evening gown pool match.

Tajiri had a very different career when compared to The Kat. The star made his debut in 1994 and worked for ECW before being signed by WWE. He made his debut just three months after Carter's release and would go on to become a massive star in the cruiserweight division.

Tajiri left WWE in 2005 and has since continued to work for All Japan Pro Wrestling, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, TNA, and even made a return to WWE back in 2015 when he competed in the Cruiserweight Classic.

#3. Taz and Tony Chimel - October 11th, 1967

Taz is perhaps one of the most memorable voices in professional wrestling, but the commentator who currently plies his trade in AEW had a very different start in the business.

Taz made his debut in 1987 but didn't make his way to WWE until 2000 when he chose Vince McMahon's company over WCW. He became a three-time Hardcore Champion and Tag Team Champion alongside Spike Dudley before injuries forced him to take on a part-time role as a commentator.

The Human Suplex Machine has since retired from in-ring competition and has become known for his commentary while also working as a on-screen talent manager.

Another star who has become known for his voice is Tony Chimel. He was interestingly born on the same day as Taz and was able to make quite the splash in the wrestling world as SmackDown's main ring announcer.

Chimel continued his duties until 2015 when he opted to take a break from the ring but still returns sporadically to announce Edge and Christian in his own iconic way.

#2. Jerry Lawler and Zeb Colter - November 29th, 1949

Two of the best-known men in the wrestling business were interestingly born on the exact same day. Jerry Lawer has gone on to become a WWE Hall of Famer and one of the company's biggest legends. Meanwhile, Zeb Colter has become known both inside and outside of the ring and has had an impact on several promotions outside of WWE.

Lawler was able to dominate the wrestling business throughout the 1970s and has remained a regular face on TV for many years. At the age of 72, it's interesting to note that Lawler still regularly competes at independent events.

Dutch Mantell wrestled for various promotions in his early career following his debut in 1972. He first became a manager for WWE in 1994 as Uncle Zebekiah before later returning in 2013 as Zeb Colter.

Since his WWE departure, Colter has remained in the business and most recently became one of the narrators for Dark Side of the Ring.

#1. Marty Jannetty and Kerry Von Erich - February 3rd, 1960

Marty Jannetty is perhaps best remembered as one half of The Rockers alongside Shawn Michaels before he was superkicked through a barbershop window. The company had plans for him to be pushed following the split, but his untimely arrest meant that he was released from the company not long after.

He later signed with WWE and was able to become the Intercontinental Champion in his second stint before later being released. Jannetty remains part of the business to this day and has wrestled worldwide.

Kerry Von Erich was born into a family of wrestlers and his destiny was already known. He made his debut at the age of 18 but didn't make his way to the Stamford-based company until 1990. Much like Jannetty was able to win the Intercontinental Championship during his short time there. However, it was unknown that he was wrestling with a prosthetic foot.

Von Erich was involved in an accident a few years before he signed with Vince McMahon's company and the injuries caused him to become addicted to painkillers. This led to several personal problems for the star and his untimely death via suicide in 1993.

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