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5 PG Era vs Attitude Era matches fans are dying to see

 pg attitude era matches
The Attitude Era vs. the PG era could be one of the greatest storylines that will never happen.
Danny Cox
Modified 18 Sep 2017
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If you were lucky enough to enjoy the Attitude Era of WWE, you saw something completely different than what is presented today. The language is different. The style of wrestling is different. Even the amount of blood is different.

While there may be some big changes between the PG and Attitude eras of WWE, there are still many dream matches between the two times that would be incredible to witness.

#5 Roman Reigns vs. The Rock

roman reigns the rock  pg attitude era matches
This one could still easily happen.

They stick by one another; the Rock has even bailed out Roman Reigns on a couple of occasions. They're..."family," but wouldn't it be great to see this match happen?

Recently, John Cena made Reigns look like an absolute chump in the ring during a promo on Monday Night Raw, and the fans ate it up. Not only was it a great segment between both superstars, but it inched Reigns closer to that heel persona, but WWE hasn't made the jump yet.

Putting him out there with The Rock and the incredible promo work that fans could experience from "The Great One" would be amazing. Once Reigns starts his "This is my yard" thing, The Rock could just go off on him and show him who the true boss is.

As for the match? No-one really bought into Reigns taking on The Undertaker, but this is one match that would see superstars who have somewhat similar styles and movesets which would be perfect.

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Published 18 Sep 2017, 17:44 IST
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