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5 positives from Brock Lesnar's 2017 WWE run

Daniel Crump
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The beast of 2017
The beast of 2017

As 2017 nears its conclusion, we will inevitably start to look back on the year that was in professional wrestling. As ever, there have been many positives to take away from the past 12 months and quite a few negatives as well.

The overall success of the WWE will always be tied up with how well its superstars perform. If a particular wrestler manages to have a consistently good year, this helps elevate the prestige of the company overall and reminds us fans why were choose to tune in every week.

With this in mind, what can we say about Brock Lesnar's 2017? The man who has been entrusted with representing the company as its Universal Champion for the vast majority of the year might not have always been present, but has still managed put on some memorable moments and matches along the way.

Here are 5 positives from Brock Lesnar's 2017 WWE run:

#1 His Wrestlemania 33 match with Goldberg

Match of the night?
Match of the night?

When Goldberg made his return to the WWE just before Survivor Series 2016, many of us were concerned about the prospect of him immediately going after Brock Lesnar. With their Wrestlemania 20 match fresh in our memories, fans were understandably fearing a repeat performance which would have served to benefit nobody.

Much to our surprise, however, the WWE actually played things very well. Goldberg's dismantling of Lesnar in such a quick amount of time shocked everybody to their core. The once unbreakable Beast had finally met an obstacle too powerful for him to conquer and the top of WWE's main event scene had seemingly changed forever.

When the news was announced that the two would be taking part in a rematch at Wrestlemania 33, our initial fears began to resurface. The problem with Goldberg has always been his ability to put on a lengthy match, as opposed to a 2-3 minute squash. Goldberg is definitely at his best when all he has to do is deliver a few spears and a jackhammer, and surely this wasn't going to happen twice in a row.

Luckily for everyone in attendance and watching around the world, the two men managed to deliver for a second time, eventually putting on one of the best matches of the entire show. Yes, it might not have been a visual masterpiece the likes of Jericho vs. Owens, but the high-impact, testosterone-fuelled slug fest suited both men perfectly and told a great story.

If nothing else, this bout gave challenge to the claim that Lesnar matches are all the same.

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