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5 positives from Roman Reigns's WWE run in 2017

Daniel Crump
6.24K   //    29 Dec 2017, 06:16 IST

The year of the Big Dog.
The year of the Big Dog.

Anyone who has (not-so) secretly been hoping for the Roman Reigns project to come to an end must have spent most of 2017 feeling pretty disappointed. It has been quite the year for the Big Dog, coming face to face with legends, adding more silverware to his collection and teaming up with some old friends.

In a continuation of our Positive/Negative 2017 series, we turn our attention to WWE's resident Superman, asking what kind of a year he has had.

As Vince McMahon continues to scratch his head over how best to transform Reigns into the next John Cena, here are 5 positives we have listed from his run in 2017:

#1 Eliminating The Undertaker from the Royal Rumble

Passing of the torch?
Passing of the torch?

Given the fact that Vince McMahon still hasn't been able to win over Roman Reigns with the WWE Universe, the current policy appears to be to create big attention-catching moments that get the biggest reaction possible - positive or negative.

Reigns is here to stay and whether we like it or not, most of the WWE's main event storylines are going to be built around him.

At the Royal Rumble earlier this year, we were treated to a genuinely shocking moment when the Big Dog unceremoniously dumped the Undertaker over the top rope. The scene felt extra special given the fact that it was quite the novelty in itself to have Taker participate in the 30-man bout in the first place.

Most of the attention for the match was directed at Goldberg, Lesnar and The Phenom who all had interactions with each other. The fact that Roman came in right at the end of the match to stand his ground against the company's greatest performers was a clear sign that he had made it in the wrestling big leagues.

It might not have been the moment we wanted, but in terms of the company's future, it was definitely the one we needed.

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