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5 Possibilities For Ambrose After Walking Out On The Shield

Riju Dasgupta
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Dean Ambrose leaving his brothers leaves us with many questions
Dean Ambrose leaving his brothers leaves us with many questions

This week on RAW, we were treated to a spectacular main event. The Shield and The Dogs of War tore it up, and had an even better match than the one they had in Melbourne recently. Unfortunately, it would end with The Shield taking the pin. And Dean Ambrose did not take this loss well.

Ambrose left his brothers in the ring and walked to the back at the conclusion of the match. This ties in with the weeks of dissension between him and his Shield brothers. After all, he's the only member of the group who doesn't have a Championship right now and this fact is eating at him every day.

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How will this angle play out in the weeks that follow, you rightfully ask? I don't have the answers but much like you, I can speculate in this feature.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, readers!

#5 Joins the Dogs of War

Could we see a brand new member in this heel stable?
Could we see a brand new member in this heel stable?

On more than one occasion, Strowman and McIntyre have seemed unhappy to be partnering with Ziggler. They believe that he's the weak link in the group and that he's been responsible for them losing on more than one occasion. They've also brought up the fact that they think that Ambrose would be a good fit for their unit.

So the first possibility that I will throw up concerns Ambrose turning his back on his brothers and joining the heel stable. This could allow for a brand new member to be added to The Shield, such as Finn Balor or even Kassius Ohno. After all, Ohno was supposed to be one of the original Shield members.

It would significantly alter the landscape of RAW and turn all existing storylines topsy turvy. But it would give both Reigns and Rollins a high-quality opponent to work against, down the line.

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