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5 possible Breezango attackers

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Who will they find at the end of the trail?

Tyler Breeze and Fandango have been making a very entertaining chicken salad out of this Breezango gimmick for quite a while. When they first debuted as The Fashion Police, nobody knew what to think of them. But they kept on losing so nothing really changed.

Then everything seemed to change with The Fashion Files. Each week (or whenever SmackDown Live has time for them) Breeze and Dango are hot on the trail of The Uggos who trashed their office, murdered their stick horsey Tully, and keeps writing ominous messages on things with a glow in the dark marker.

Now as they stretch this running story even further fans keep wondering if there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. After all, they can't keep following the clues forever, or can they?

Here are five ways the Fashion Files could end. A couple of them are a bit more realistic but there's still a few peppered material in there which would not only add to the already hilarious mystique of these segments but also keep the WWE Universe guessing.

#5 The Authors Of Pain

Could Breezango be looking for AOP?

This option is plausible and scary at the same time, especially if you'd like to see Breeze and Fandango come out on top of this story.

If WWE brought up the former NXT Tag Team Champions it would be a wise move because Akam and Rezar have vastly improved since emerging on NXT, thanks to their WWE Hall Of Fame manager Paul Ellering. But they still might have unfinished business in WWE's developmental territory.

If AOP made the main roster jump to reveal themselves as the dastardly Uggos they'd certainly wind up beating Breezango in a brutal way. It could be a good start seeing how well Authors Of Pain worked with a smaller team like #DIY in the past. If anything, Breezango would make AOP look plenty destructive.


Heavy Machinery is also chomping at the bit in NXT while waiting for a main roster call-up. But Authors Of Pain seem like a better bet to fill the role at this point.

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