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5 possible directions for Kevin Owens after quitting Raw

Shikhar Goyal
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Kevin Owens ended saying 'I Quit' this week on Raw

For those who are not aware, Kevin Owens answered Seth Rollins' Intercontinental Title Open Challenge this week on Raw. After putting on a great show for 20 minutes, Seth Rollins defeated Kevin Owens with The Stomp to retain. However, Kevin Owens didn't take the loss lightly and sat on a chair and left the arena after saying 'I Quit'.

While many speculate Kevin Owens left WWE, his future is still uncertain. We might not know what future holds for Kevin Owens. Let us talk about 5 possible directions for Kevin Owens for this week's Raw:

#5 Go back to the Indies

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Will we see the return of Kevin Steen?

Before Kevin Owens arrived in WWE, he used to work in ROH as Kevin Steen. He was an active part of ROH and competed there for six long years before joining WWE.

Before being Owens, he was known as Fight Steen Fight and proved there why he is one of the best wrestlers in the world. He was a former ROH World Champion and ROH World Tag Team Champion.

While his future in WWE might be uncertain, his future in ROH or other independent wrestling promotions is far bright. The fans won't mind the return of Kevin Steen and many new feuds are awaiting him there.

Will we see Kevin Owens at All In? Only time will tell us.

#4 Return to Raw next week and challenge Seth Rollins

Will we see Kevin Owens return to Raw next week?

While it is really uncertain, it might very well be the case.

Kevin Owens might return to Raw next week to challenge Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental Championship again. After humiliated by the loss suffered this week, Kevin Owens might issue another challenge to Rollins and win the title from him.

I would really love to see Owens back. It would also be great to see him hold the Intercontinental Title. His run with Intercontinental Title would be great.

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