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5 possible gay partners for Kurt Angle if the mystery text story leads to it

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Daniel Crump
Modified 15 Jul 2017, 12:31 IST
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The mystery storyline involving Kurt Angle has raised many debates across the wrestling world. The angle is intriguing because at this point, there doesn’t seem to be an obvious explanation. Fans have their theories, but when it comes to WWE, we normally have a fairly decent idea which way they’re going to go, especially considering the plethora of dirt sheets available online. 

One less talked about possibility here is that Kurt Angle is secretly gay, and has been hiding it from his loved ones for a number of years. This would be quite the original storyline for WWE, who have historically not been too open about discussing homosexuality. Certain characters have flirted with same sex relationships as part of their gimmick, but always in a slightly underhanded way. 

Another reason why this could be where creative is going is the fact that Stephanie McMahon recently announced that the WWE will be embracing more LGBTI angles and gimmicks over the next few years, stating that it was ‘absolutely’ the plan for the near future. Seeing as we have recently had another successful Pride month go by, what better way to represent the LGBTI community by having one of the company’s signature legends come out as gay next week on RAW?

Of course, all this would mean that the person Kurt was speaking to last week would logically be the partner in question. Here are five possibilities for who could be Kurt Angle’s mystery gay partner: 

#1 Triple H

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One of the more popular rumours going around concerning the Kurt Angle story is that the mystery person could be Stephanie McMahon. Most people attribute this to the fact that back in 2000, Kurt, Stephanie and Triple H were involved in a humorous love triangle. Kurt was playing the sympathetic ‘boy who’s a friend/not a boyfriend’ character while Stephanie’s husband, Triple H became increasingly jealous. 

Perhaps people who have bought into this theory are only half correct. After all, Triple H’s jealousy could well have been a result of Stephanie getting close to Kurt, rather than the other way round. Plus, this was a time when the US was generally less accepting of homosexuality, especially in sport, so it would make sense for the two men to keep their love a secret, and use Stephanie as a kind of cover story. 

The only issue with this angle is that it’s difficult to see where the storyline would go from here. Everyone is anticipating a Summerslam or Wrestlemania showdown between the two, but if they did announce their love for each other, why would they then go on to fight? Perhaps Triple H will refuse to leave Stephanie, even after he promised he would. They could make this idea work, but it seems a longshot. 

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Published 15 Jul 2017, 12:19 IST
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