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5 possible names for 205 Live General Manager candidates

205 Live general manager
Daniel Bryan announces the appointment of a general manager for 205 Live next week.
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Modified 24 Jan 2018
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Monday Night Raw is run by Kurt Angle underneath Stephanie McMahon, while SmackDown Live has General Manager Daniel Bryan and Commissioner Shane McMahon at the helm.

Up until now, the cruiserweight division has operated as a combination of the two shows, with Angle making most of the matches despite how the program would air after SmackDown.

On this week's episode, however, it was Daniel Bryan who announced that next week on 205 Live, the cruiserweight division would be receiving its own general manager to operate and manage the tasks of running the show.

His or her first act will be to address the vacated Cruiserweight Championship situation following Enzo Amore's release from WWE, which is obviously a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of this new authority figure.

With no teases as to who this person will end up being, the WWE Universe is left to its own speculation, predictions, theories, hopes and wishes for who will be named the 205 Live general manager.

Here are a handful of some interesting suggestions and ideas who could be potential options to pick from.

Honorable Mentions

Tyson Kidd
Tyson Kidd and several others could be good options to consider for the 205 Live general manager position.

Before getting to the actual list, let's examine some of the people who didn't quite make the cut, but are still worth talking about for one reason or another.


One of those names is MVP, who we last saw on the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Raw earlier this week.

Montel Vontavius Porter obviously has a good enough relationship with WWE right now for them to bring him back for that random appearance, which could be an indication that the two sides are going to be working together going forward.

He is charismatic, great on the microphone, and experienced enough portraying someone with power from his time in Impact Wrestling. Plus, he is past his prime in the ring and could use this to land himself a gig for a long foreseeable future.

There are also the backstage producers Billy Kidman and Dean Malenko, who are no strangers to WCW's cruiserweight division as they helped make that what it was. It's hard to imagine they would step out behind the curtain for anything this significant, though, as they only ever really show up for quick, sporadic appearances now and then.

WWE could also rehire James Ellsworth if they are looking for someone to be the total opposite of an authority figure from Angle and Bryan since Ellsworth would be a pushover weakling that could be bullied. That is doubtful, though, since he was recently released from WWE a few months back.


Sadly, if WWE is indeed going to make a joke out of this, the suggestion of Hornswoggle can't be ignored. He was the very last to hold the previous incarnation of the Cruiserweight Championship and he was also the Anonymous Raw General Manager, so it isn't as though this hasn't been done before.

Tyson Kidd is another name that could be considered, as his in-ring career has been finished for quite some time and if he were still able to wrestle today, he would almost positively be on the 205 Live roster as a veteran to the younger talent there.

Finally, it's worth discussing the idea that Percy Watson or David Otunga could fulfil the role. In Watson's case, he isn't quite clicking as a commentator in NXT and has enough personality that can be showcased better as a general manager, while Otunga is a former commentator who only appears now and again as a pre-show panel analyst.

We've seen people adjust their roles in the company time and time again, and if WWE is looking for someone in-house and quick to fill in this role, Watson and Otunga could rather easily be called upon to take charge.

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Published 24 Jan 2018, 11:38 IST
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