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5 Possible ways NJPW could mark the return of AJ Styles

Soumik Datta
Top 5 / Top 10
21 Nov 2018, 23:45 IST

#4 AJ Styles returns as a loner

Safe to say AJ Styles gave the Aces & Eights a torrid time
Safe to say AJ Styles gave the Aces & Eights a torrid time

Now, we've all seen what 'The Alpha' Chris Jericho is capable of doing in NJPW, being an absolute veteran of the business, Y2J currently holds the IWGP Intercontinental Championship and needs to sort of faction or stable which can provide him with the proper backing. I mean, he's The Alpha after all!

A few years prior, when AJ Styles was still working for TNA Wrestling, the former TNA World Champion adopted a somewhat similar gimmick and became 'The Lone Wolf' (Not the Baron Corbin type) but rather someone who didn't care to join The Aces & Eights.

Given how amazing NJPW's booking has been for all these years, AJ Styles could very well pull off a loner gimmick once again and could work all by himself, without the assistance of any sort of factions. Not only does this open up the chances of witnessing some absolutely amazing feuds and matches involving Styles but this could also provide a little twist to the usual character AJ Styles has been portraying for all these years.

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