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5 Possible Ways The Lana-Aiden English Video May Have Continued

Riju Dasgupta
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Here are 5 ways the video could have potentially ended
Here are 5 ways the video could have potentially ended

Everyone's talking about the angle right now. Aiden English promised that he would reveal what happened 'One Night In Milwaukee' on SmackDown Live and he delivered on the promise he made. Aiden English and Lana were pictured in a hotel room in the video that was showcased on Tuesday night. Only it ended rather abruptly.

One wonders what the contents of the rest of the video are. We all heard Lana say- 'I want you', but it was never made clear what else she wanted to say to Aiden English. It was clear that she wasn't done when she uttered those words.

In this article, I shall ponder upon what she could have said in the video. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts about this scandalous video.

How do you think this angle will play out?

#5 'I want you to leave Rusev alone'

Did Lana want to be Rusev's sole ally?
Did Lana want to be Rusev's one and only ally?

Lana and Rusev made an unstoppable unit when they first debuted on the main roster. Rusev was an unstoppable beast, and one can say that despite the popularity of Rusev Day, he's never looked as bulletproof as he seemed back then. In fact, the closest he's been to 'relevant' since then is upon his alliance with the songbird of SmackDown Live, Aiden English.

Maybe Lana does not care for the Rusev Day pairing and she only entered his hotel room to tell him to leave Rusev alone. Maybe her plan was to get English out of the way so that she could become Rusev's manager yet again. We all know that while she does still wrestle, her career did not pan out as we'd once expected.

When Aiden English realized that Lana was intent on breaking Rusev Day up, is when the seeds of a heel turn could have been planted in his mind. This could lead to some very interesting situations down the line for all three of the characters.

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