5 Potential finishes for Goldberg vs. The Fiend- Interference from top WWE star?

Riju Dasgupta
Modified 27 Feb 2020
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#3 Goldberg wins the match with a Jackhammer

When Goldberg came back for his previous run, nobody expected him to defeat Brock Lesnar in under 2 minutes and yet he did. He went on to defeat Kevin Owens to become the WWE Universal Champion and his program with Brock Lesnar was a big-ticket feud that went down well with a section of the audience.

And so, whether you like it or not, there's always the chance that Goldberg will be booked to defeat The Fiend and become the Universal Champion. I know that some of you may feel that it will undo everything that The Fiend has done since defeating Finn Balor, but remember that this is Goldberg we're talking about.

The same Goldberg who was almost as popular as Stone Cold Steve Austin during his WCW run and the same guy who looks like a beast even though he's in his 50s. A spear and a Jackhammer later, The Fiend may pop up.

But after a few spears, followed by a Jackhammer, we may have a new Universal Champion.

Published 26 Feb 2020
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