Pro Wrestling Real Life Stories: Episode 4 - Dave Batista, Booker T, Finlay and the truth behind their 'real' fight

David Marquez

#4 Fit Finlay reveals the truth -- Sharmell's groin kick

Fit Finlay (left) currently works as a producer for WWE
Fit Finlay (left) currently works as a producer for WWE

Former WWE Superstar Fit Finlay who currently serves as a producer for the company, opened up in an out-of-character interview with RF Video a while back--giving a completely different account of Batista's altercation with Booker T.


Finlay recalled that when he arrived at the scene, the fight was on the ground, and Dave Batista was on top of Booker T. The picture being painted, per Finlay's explanation, is that Batista had seemingly gotten the better of the exchanges until dozens of other wrestlers separated him and Booker T.

Moreover, Finlay made a rather shocking revelation regarding the incident--noting that after both Batista and Booker T were separated by the wrestlers, the latter's wife Sharmell (former WWE performer) kicked Batista right in the groin...

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