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5 Questions from WWE TLC that most need answering

Daniel Crump
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A strange night indeed.
A strange night indeed.

In many ways, the WWE should be commended for their ability to put together a fairly decent show in light of the recent health problems they have experienced. There were basically three signature features of this card - the debut of Asuka, the involvement of Sister Abigail, and the Shield reuniting for the first time in years.

Because of said health concerns, only one of these was allowed to happen. In Bray's absence we got a mouth-watering affair between two former leaders of Bullet Club, and for the main event, we were treated to the first WWE match involving Kurt Angle for nearly 11 years.

With so much on the line, what are we really able to take away from TLC? Here are 5 questions from the show that most need answering:

#1 Why didn't Asuka main event?

A missed opportunity?
A missed opportunity?

The Meningitis that is currently spreading around the WWE locker room is an unfortunate occurrence, not least because it effectively ruined two of TLC's most promoted matches. Not only was Bray Wyatt (Sister Abigail) forced out of his match against the Demon King, but Roman Reigns also missed out on a much anticipated Shield in-ring return.

While the last minute changes to the card did arouse some interest, especially for fans of Kurt Angle's late 90s/ early 00's career, the WWE could have gone a different way with the main event of the show.

Down on NXT, Asuka has been busy proving to fans that she really is the most exciting female talent to be involved with the WWE for quite a long time. There are some that would argue that the Empress of Tomorrow has the potential to be the biggest ever female star the company has seen. Her main roster debut has been well talked about on social media and her NXT send-off, which included Triple H himself, was an indication that things are looking very bright for her.

Therefore, instead of putting together a strange mix of characters in a rather haphazard fashion, wouldn't it have been better to have built the show around Asuka instead? Granted, a match against Emma isn't exactly the biggest marquee line up we've ever heard of, but the match itself was all about introducing the Empress to the main roster audience, regardless of the opponent.

The company could have used an unfortunate situation to help cement a new star in their women's division by showcasing her match above all the others. Sadly, this was not something the WWE saw any worth in.

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