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Ranking The 5 Greatest Alexa Bliss Matches Of All Time

David Marquez
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#3 Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks: Great Balls of Fire 2017

Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks (right) aren't the best of friends outside the ring either
Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks (right) aren't the best of friends outside the ring either

Alexa Bliss defended her RAW Women's Championship against "The Boss" Sasha Banks at WWE's Great Balls of Fire PPV in 2017--with Bliss losing the match by way of Count-Out, but retaining her title nonetheless since the Championship cannot change hands by way of Disqualification or Count-Out. The contest lasted for 11:40 minutes, and was followed by a post-match brawl which witnessed Banks hit a Meteora off the announce table on Bliss.

Bliss started off the match strong, with Banks turning the tide a few minutes into the battle. However, a memorable point of this showdown was when Bliss utilized her freakishly flexible joints to pretend as though she'd broken her elbow, only for Banks to drop her guard and eat a punch from The Wicked Witch of WWE. Notwithstanding, Banks--who is said to have real-life heat with Bliss--went on to use her submission wrestling prowess to trap her opponent in the Banks Statement submission-hold.

Bliss somehow managed to reach the ropes, which forced the referee to break the hold. The match then continued out of the ring, as Banks threw Bliss into the barricade, only for the latter to get counted out, lose the match, but still retain the title...Say what you want about Bliss and Banks allegedly sharing cold vibes outside the ring; but when it comes to working with each other under the bright lights, not many can match the in-ring chemistry the two of them share with each other...