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5 real-life pro wrestling couples, and 5 that were fake

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In a lot of ways, pro wrestling is a lot like any other job. You still have a boss, and coworkers with whom you share a lot of experiences.

All of that time on the road can lead to deep friendships, and sometimes more than that. Wrestlers have found romance on the road for almost as long as the business has been around. Of course, it can be confusing to the fans, who also see many kayfabe couples paraded out in the name of entertainment.

Here are five couples who were totally legit, and five who only existed in the confines of a wrestling storyline.

Real Love: Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt


Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert was not only one of the most dynamic and entertaining wrestlers of his era, he also possessed one of the greatest minds in the business. He was always willing to mentor young talent and help his peers develop their characters and interview skills.

When he started working with valet Missy Hyatt, one thing led to another and soon the two were married in real life. Usually, the announcers didn't acknowledge their actual marriage, and referred to Hyatt as Gilbert's girlfriend.

Sadly, they were divorced after two years of marriage and went their separate ways, but their romance is fondly recalled by fans of 1980s era wrestling.

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