5 real-life stories about CM Punk

CM Punk
CM Punk

CM Punk is undoubtedly one of the most controversial figures in WWE history. He was revolutionary inside the ring but outside of it, he was just as impactful. The former WWE Champion left the company back in January of 2014, claiming he had fallen out of love with the wrestling business.

The departure didn’t come as a shock to WWE Superstars but to the fans, it was an unwelcome blow.

Since his departure, his name has rung out around several arenas and the fans have been clamouring for him to come back. This article reveals some interesting stories about the man behind the persona and gives us a refreshing reminder of the wrestler that entertained us for so long.

Here are 5 real-life stories about CM Punk.

#5 He excreted during an episode of SmackDown

CM Punk on the ropes in a WWE ring
CM Punk is a 2-time WWE Champion

The life of a WWE Superstar isn’t always as glamorous and lavish as it sounds. In the time of the infamous staph infection, CM Punk’s body was going through all kinds of tribulations. And because of that, he was prescribed different types of antibiotics by doctors outside of the WWE.

However, on one of the antibiotics, the side effect was the loss of control of your bowels. And as luck would have it, CM Punk would lose control of his bowels on an episode of SmackDown, luckily for him, it was a taped recording.

He can join John Cena on the esteemed list of main eventers to poo themselves in the ring.

#4 Several alleged flings

CM Punk in the ring with AJ Lee
CM Punk married AJ Lee in June 2014

His appearance may not be that of a womaniser but rumours have revealed that Punk had many a romance in the WWE. He may be straight edged but that didn’t restrict his more promiscuous side.

Perhaps it was his rebellious nature or sociopathic attention to detail but, female wrestlers seemingly flocked towards CM Punk.

He’s allegedly had romances with Lita, Maria Kanellis, Kelly Kelly and of course, his current wife, AJ Lee. As his love for wrestling diminished over the years, it’s clear that his love for women subsequently didn’t.

#3 He used to run a backyard wrestling promotion

A rare picture of CM Punk at The Lunatic Wrestling Federation
CM Punk has four siblings, they helped run the promotion

CM Punk has been a wrestling fan since childhood, and he’s always loved the danger and creativity behind it. As a result, he, his brothers and friends decided to set up a wrestling ring in their garden called The Lunatic Wrestling Federation.

Funnily enough, the makeshift business was a huge success in his local area. Money was rolling in and local interest was seemingly peaking.

However, the promotion came to an end when Punk realised a lot of the sheets weren’t balancing and money was apparently going missing. Punk blamed his brother Mike Brooks and the two haven’t spoken till this day.

#2 He's obsessed with comics

CM Punk at the Marvel HQ
CM Punk debuted as a Marvel writer in February 2015

It's no exaggeration to say that CM Punk is an obsessive comic book fan. He's loved them since his teenage years and his love for them has not dwindled since. Initially, you may not associate an athlete with a nerdy comic obsession, but CM Punk is the man that's broken the stereotype.

Ever since leaving the WWE, Punk has been greeted with several mainstream opportunities. So when Marvel came calling, the former WWE Champion jumped at the opportunity to work with them.

Since then Punk has contributed to several of Marvel's latest comics including; Avengers vs. X-Men, Thor, Vertigo Comics & Drax. The comics have taken over his life and he's far happier now than he ever was in a wrestling ring.

#1 Partying with Charles Barkley

CM Punk on ESPN
Punk is straight edged because his father was an alcoholic

For those who don’t know, Charles Barkley is a former NBA player and current TV personality, and is seen as a legend in both areas. So how did an NBA legend cross paths with a WWE superstar? Let’s see.

"The Straight-Edged Superstar" may not be in favour of drinking alcohol or using drugs but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to party. In an interview with ESPN, Punk revealed all about a crazy night he had.

Punk and his pals were in a bar laughing the night away, and a particular waitress kept pestering them about a certain Charles Barkley. At first, they paid her no attention but once they realised he was in the VIP room, they took notice.

What followed was a wild night of crazy antics between Punk, Barkley and strangely enough, Hornswoggle, too. The night was still young until suddenly a fight broke out and everyone just evacuated the bar. The next morning Punk went to the gym, where Barkley walked in, didn't acknowledge him, spent five minutes on the treadmill and walked out. Talk about a rollercoaster 13 hours!

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