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5 reasons Bobby Lashley should have won the number one contender's match on Raw

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Modified 04 Feb 2020, 11:24 IST

Bobby Lashley should have won that Triple Threat match on Raw.
Bobby Lashley should have won that Triple Threat match on Raw.

Ricochet defeated Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins to earn an opportunity at Brock Lesnar's WWE Title at Super Showdown and one has to wonder why the company made this decision. Of course, the WWE Universe will be quick to point out that Ricochet helped Drew McIntyre eliminate Lesnar from the Royal Rumble, but that hardly seems like a reason for a one-on-one contest.

Now, that doesn't mean Ricochet is unworthy of a title shot or even of sharing the same ring with Brock Lesnar, but there is a right time and a right place for everything. The problem is that Super Showdown on the road to WrestleMania 36 isn't the time or the place for this match to take happen.

With that being said and Lesnar versus Ricochet now official for the pay per view, here are five reasons why Bobby Lashley should have been The Beast Incarnate's opponent and should have won the number one contender's match. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to tell us who you think should have won.

#5 Wouldn't be a squash match

Brock Lesnar doesn
Brock Lesnar doesn't need another squash match

We all know that Brock Lesnar will absolutely destroy Ricochet at Super Showdown and while he will most likely get some offense in first, it won't make much of a difference. In fact, it kind of creates a situation where the WWE Title gets put on the backburner and Lesnar just competes in a two-minute match to keep the local crowd happy.

The problem with that is the title picture is supposed to be this ongoing entity. A place where momentum can be built and destroyed in a matter of a match. Unfortunately for the WWE, a two-minute squash match against someone that was formerly a part of WWE's Cruiserweight division isn't a great way to build up Brock Lesnar.

In the end, Bobby Lashley would have served as a much better test for Brock Lesnar on The Road to WrestleMania. He also would have made for a much better match at Super Showdown and could have even made the WWE Title the star attraction of the pay per view. For some reason however, WWE seems interested in telling a much different story.

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Published 04 Feb 2020, 11:20 IST
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