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5 Reasons why Brock Lesnar as Universal champion is good for WWE and 5 reasons it's bad

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In the long, illustrious history of the WWE, there has only ever been one athlete who has made Vince McMahon leave his office and go to greet personally. That man was Brock Lesnar.

The fact that the boss of the biggest pro wrestling organization on the planet was so eager to greet Brock upon first sight speaks volumes. There is no denying that Lesnar brings a heavy presence to the WWE, and that same presence brings in a lot of attention. And in the pro wrestling industry, a lot of times attention is synonymous with money.

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Brock Lesnar has been in and out of the WWE for over a decade. His supremely conditioned physical body is matched by his athletic acumen and combat sports experience. On one level, it makes perfect sense to have Brock Lesnar represent the company as Universal champion.

On the other hand, however, certain critics decry his part-time schedule. They believe the champion should be present for every weekly show and most house shows.

Here are five reasons Brock Lesnar as Universal champion is good for the WWE, and five reasons it might be bad.

Good for WWE: A Real life fighting champion adds credibility


Like as not, there's no denying Brock Lesnar had a successful, if brief, MMA career. He managed to capture the World heavyweight championship and turned away legends like Heath Herring and Randy Couture while he was at it.

Having a legit fighting sports veteran as world champion gives credence to the Universal title and the WWE in general.

Bad for WWE: Lesnar's MMA career wasn't that impressive


A lot of Brock's marketability in the WWE revolves around his reputation as a nigh-invincible juggernaut, but as we've seen from many of his fights in the UFC that is simply not the case.

When Brock reigned as UFC Heavyweight champion, the division wasn't exactly stacked with the world's best fighters. Heath Herring and Randy Couture were past their fighting primes. When Brock started facing actual, real competition he faltered, including an embarrassing loss to Cain Velasquez, who gave Brock the scar he bears on his face to this day.

Like so many other things, Brock's UFC title reign was about 60% hype.

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