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5 reasons John Morrison would've been a star if he stayed in WWE

John Morrison could've been a huge Superstar if he had stayed in WWE, and here's why.

John Morrison
Morrison had every possible skill required to succeed

Back in 2011, it seemed like John Morrison, also known as Johnny Nitro and Johnny Mundo, had the world at his feet.

His performances in the ring were gaining him a great deal of recognition, as the former Intercontinental Champion seemed destined to break into the main event picture on either Monday Night Raw or SmackDown.

Of course, that's not how things always turn out, and following a series of injuries and creative issues Morrison walked away from WWE in late 2011.

It was a decision that surprised a lot of people as he was seen by many to be the future of the company, however, he has instead been making a pretty good name for himself on the independent scene.

Nobody knows if he'll ever make his way back to WWE, but they could certainly use someone with his talents and skill set on a weekly basis. It could be for a singles run or another tag team surge, it doesn't matter - Morrison would likely knock it out of the park.

However, his absence does beg the question of whether or not he would've thrived if he did stay. So with that in mind, let's take a look at five reasons why John Morrison would've been as star if he stayed in WWE.

#1 Look

John Morrison
Morrison had the look of a top star

Let's be honest with ourselves here for a minute. When you look at John Morrison you either want to be him or want to be with him, dependent on your orientation.

It's no secret either because he's probably one of the most naturally gifted talents in terms of physical appearance that WWE had in years. "Come on, the guy wore sunglasses indoors" - exactly.

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Morrison was and still is an extremely marketable professional wrestler. You can put the guy on posters, billboards and many other places and you'd probably see an increase in buy rates.

Morrison just has that "it" factor that's so hard to find in the modern day, especially when you consider how talented he is inside the ring too

Speaking of which, let's talk a little bit more about his in-ring prowess.

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