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5 reasons Roman Reigns should defeat Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble

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21.91K   //    22 Jan 2017, 13:10 IST
Reigns and Owens are scheduled to face each other at the Royal Rumble

We should have seen this coming, right? After dominating the main-event scene for over a year despite backlash from the fans, Roman Reigns was finally pushed down the card a bit.

He lost the WWE World title to Seth Rollins clean at Money in the Bank and followed that up with another loss in a triple threat match vs Rollins and Ambrose at Battleground.

The next night on Raw, he lost clean yet again to a debuting Finn Balor before ultimately feuding with Rusev over the United States Championship. But now, Reigns has lost the U.S. title to Chris Jericho, and it conveniently happened just in time for him to challenge for Kevin Owens’ Universal title.

What does that mean? It means Reigns’ title-carrying shoulder is now freed up, perhaps for a title a bit more cranberry-colored.

This may sound like a doom and gloom scenario for a lot of people. Reigns being back in the title picture just in time for WrestleMania probably isn’t what most fans were hoping to see, especially after last year’s disaster of a main event.

But this time around, Reigns may actually be the best person to put the title on as Mania season approaches. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why Roman Reigns should defeat Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble.

#5 It could bring out the vicious side of Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens can be vicious if he needs to be

Kevin Owens is hilarious. He’s one of the most genuinely funny superstars on the roster whether he intends to be or not. It doesn’t matter if he’s berating his opponent while he has them in a headlock or if he’s jawing at a fan during a live event. Owens is always entertaining.

But as fans of NXT are well aware, Owens hasn’t always been like this on camera.

During his time as NXT champion, Owens was a no-nonsense heel who was only concerned with brutalising his opponents. He is perhaps the most convincing heel on the entire roster when he is allowed to be.

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Dare I say he could get to a point where he is overwhelmingly booed, rather than receiving the mixed reactions he gets now because of how entertaining he is. That sort of full-fledged heel is something WWE could definitely use right now, and a loss to Roman Reigns could be the event to set it in motion.

Owens is free to joke around right now since he’s at the top of the mountain. But if his title, the one thing he cherishes more than anything, is taken away from him? There’s no telling what he would do.

He would probably snap and go right back to the version of him that we saw in NXT where he basically dismembered Sami Zayn en route to winning the championship.

It would also probably turn him against his best friend Chris Jericho since Y2J is a big part of a lot of Owens’ shenanigans. And speaking of Jericho...

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