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5 Reasons Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker will be great

You all know it's true - just admit it.

Top 5 / Top 10 09 Mar 2017, 12:05 IST
Who will win the battle?

Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker pretty much seems like a certainty at this point for WrestleMania 33, and you know what? We're looking forward to it. Whilst a lot of people choose to be negative and automatically assume that babyface Roman is going to go over The Deadman with ease, we're choosing to be a little bit more optimistic about the whole situation.

After all, you never quite know what's going to happen in professional wrestling and it's that sense of tension that keeps us all on our toes. In the case of Reigns vs. ‘Taker, however, there are several factors behind why we're excited to see the match unfold and almost all of them are fairly obvious. 

So if you're a wrestling fan and you aren't pumped for this - just try and remember why you fell in love with the business in the first place.

The two men all but confirmed that the bout was going to happen on this week's edition of Monday Night Raw, and as the weeks go on leading into Orlando, we're curious to see how much physical interaction there will be between the two giant Superstars. Nevertheless, however they choose to build it we're confident they'll knock it out of the park on April 2nd.

With that being said, here are five reasons Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker will be great.

#1 Atmosphere

The Citrus Bowl will be electric

That Citrus Bowl is going to go absolutely nuts when ‘Taker stands across the ring from Roman Reigns. No matter what you may think of either man they both know how to get a reaction, and even if it's a 100% swing in favour of the Deadman, you just know that the stadium is going to be so unbelievably loud when voicing their dislike for Roman.

It's something that will echo through to the viewing audience at home no matter how badly WWE want to block out the boos, and it'll make the occasion feel all the more special. Every near fall will be met with great uncertainty as there's a legit chance some people will try and riot if The Big Dog walks away as the victor. No, we aren't being overdramatic.

So who's gonna win?

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