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5 Reasons why Roman Reigns should become WWE's top heel

Tom Clark
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Roman Reigns is the next great antagonist of WWE

WWE fans are waiting for the next Stone Cold Steve Austin. The problem is, there is no next Stone Cold Steve Austin. The formula which made The Texas Rattlesnake work and work on a high level, cannot be duplicated. It was once in a lifetime, and his success may have forever changed WWE, but it can’t be repeated.

So perhaps it’s time for fans, as well as WWE, to move on. Roman Reigns is not the man that the company believes him to be, and the longer everyone is waiting for him to get there, the more time is being wasted. Austin’s rise was like capturing lightning in a bottle, and to believe that Reigns is any position to be that kind of breakout star, is foolhardy at this point.

The company has tried; over and over again, it’s tried. But no matter how much work has been done on Roman’s behalf, he simply cannot do what WWE creative apparently wants him to do. Vince McMahon may still believe, but he’s likely the only one.

But it’s not out of the realm of possibility to get Roman over. The catch is he has to turn heel. It’s the only way fans are going to accept him, and it’s really the only way he can succeed. The elements are in place for him to get to the top, but it can’t happen unless he changes colors.

Fans are waiting for the next megastar, when they should be waiting for the next mega heel; Roman is that heel.

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