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5 reasons that WWE should have two-man commentary teams

The commentary teams on both Raw and SmackDown Live have one problem in common - they're too full.

Two-man commentary teams are the way forward for WWE

A lot of changes have been put in place since the brand split back in the summer, and one of the biggest has been the commentary teams. On Raw, we have the three man team of Corey Graves, Michael Cole and Byron Saxton with Austin Aries chipping in for Cruiserweight matches.

Over on SmackDown Live, we've got a four man announce team of Tom Phillips, JBL, Mauro Ranallo and David Otunga.

Let's set this straight right out of the gate - that's too many. There are so many good things happening on both shows right now, but we simply can't get away from the fact that things feel way too stacked the announce tables of both the shows as well.

You can argue that it allows every man to receive some form of relevance, but in the grand scheme of things, it's doing more harm than good.

It's one of the biggest issues in WWE right now for the fans, and it's probably the only way in which Raw are beating the blue brand right now. That isn't because they've got an all-round better team, but instead because they simply have one less person calling the action.

It really is that simple, and there's a lot of evidence to back it up. So with that being said, let's take a look at five reasons why WWE should have two-man commentary teams.

#1 Smoother

The phrase “too many cooks” comes to mind here

The problem with having more than two people on commentary is just how convoluted it all feels. All three or four guys are trying to talk at any given time, and you just aren't able to invest your interest or energy in everyone. When you've got two people, however, it allows things to run a lot more smoothly because everything they're saying is important.

Take Ranallo and Bryan at the Cruiserweight Classic for example. They were able to play off of each other without a third party filling the air time with unnecessary comments.

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It gives the people watching at home time to breathe, listen to the fans reacting to what's going on and they can actually digest what the two men are saying. It can't be understated how important this is.

Onto the next entry focused around the two guys more specifically.

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