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5 Reasons why The Corporation was better than The Authority

It was the depth of talent that surrounded Vince and Shane that made their faction more enjoyable than The Authority.

Top 5 / Top 10 25 Apr 2017, 13:48 IST

#4 Variety of characters

Whether they were to be taken seriously or to be laughed at, The Corporation had quite a cast of characters.

The Authority boasted WWE champion, Seth Rollins, its secretary of defence Kane, and Triple H's right-hand man, Randy Orton. It also had J&J Security,  the combination of Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble, who resembled The Stooges. 

However, that didn't mean they provided different personalities that could fit different roles within the faction. In the case of the Corporation, there were main eventers, mid card talent and tag teams, all who could be used to help further along the faction. 

In comparison, The Authority didn't boast of talent that could be used throughout the different divisions to compete for different Championships. The Authority would punish those that challenged them but didn't welcome others in. 

Other than when The Big Show turned during a Survivor Series match, there was very little done to broaden the group of characters within the faction.

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