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5 Reasons the Cruiserweights will be a success on Raw

The Cruiserweights will make Monday Night Raw a much better show

We can’t wait to see The Cruiserweight Division on Raw

This week, the 10th week and grand finale of the Cruiserweight Classic Tournament was wrapped up with the crowning of the winner, and the new Cruiserweight Champion- T.J. Perkins.

As happy as fans were with this development, they were also equally disappointed with the fact that the show, which revolutionized wrestling as we knew it, would no longer make our Wednesday Nights magical.

But all of us can take consolation in the fact that there are several contenders from the tournament, who will now head to Monday Night Raw and make the red brand completely red-hot. Many fans on the internet, have bemoaned how the Cruiserweight Division will suffer, under the ever-watchful eye of Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

But we believe, when all’s said and done, that Raw will definitely benefit from the arrival of the Cruiserweights. Read on and find out why we think so.  

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