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5 Reasons the Young Bucks must sign with WWE soon

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Love them or hate them, the Young Bucks have brought their superkick party to all corners of the globe.

Most fans love them for their high speed, unpredictable matches and the genuine full tilt effort they put into every performance, whether it's for a hundred people or a packed arena.

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Their detractors claim the Bucks are spotty, and if stripped of their high flying antics they lack genuine appeal.

No matter what side of the fence you sit on, there's no question the Bucks have changed the wrestling business as we know it. Conventional wisdom says that in order to be financially successful at wrestling one either has to wrestle full time in Japan or join WWE. With their self-owned, self-made line of merchandise and hectic but manageable schedule, the Bucks have turned that theory on its head. With their upcoming self-financed wrestling show All In selling out in mere minutes, the Bucks are certainly on the wrestling world's map.

The question remains; do they really NEED the WWE? Is there anything that the massive corporate machine that Vince McMahon built can do to make the Bucks soar even higher?

Here are five reasons the Bucks should sign with the WWE, and soon.

1. Merchandise


While the Young Bucks make a decent amount of profit on their merchandise sales, they simply lack the massive corporate engine that WWE can bring to bear to generate income.

For example, the Bucks scored a coup when they convinced Hot Topic to carry their t-shirts in store. The only problem is that WWE merch is sold in Wal Mart stores, among other locations. There are only around six hundred Hot Topics in the US, but there are over six THOUSAND Wal Marts. The Bucks are missing out on an opportunity here.

Also, despite Matt Jackson's successful t-shirt designs, the Bucks are not professional graphic designers. Much of their merchandise is either average quality or below, because they insist on doing everything themselves. While it does allow them to have full creative control, they definitely aren't making the kind of merchandise sales they would if they were to sign with WWE.

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