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5 Reasons why Aleister Black might be turning heel

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 22:46 IST

Is Black turning to the dark side??
Is Black turning to the dark side??

On his first night on SmackDown Live, Aleister Black cut a simple promo about how the man and the character aren't always one and the same. But what was more noteworthy was the tone with which he addressed the WWE Universe.

What was notable during his promo was that he said "we (the fans) don’t know what he is" and that he "can’t even begin to explain the complexity of my tragic caricature.” The closing words, however, are what got some people thinking that Black might be turning over a new leaf with his character. He concluded the speech with “but as all good things, give it time and I’m sure that the world that you grew up in will have me condemned.”

His words appeared to be hinting that he would be bringing up some of his dark past and the reasons behind some of his many tattoos. He's said before in NXT that all of his tattoos tell stories from his life, but those aspects of his character were never explored. For that reason, he might be turning heel on SmackDown. Here are five possible reasons why.

#5 SmackDown needs more main event heels

The successful run of the New Day as a group has helped propel them and Kofi Kingston into the main-event scene.
The successful run of the New Day as a group has helped propel them and Kofi Kingston into the main-event scene.

The New Day have been a fixture in the tag team scene for over five years. Throughout that tenure, not only have they been successful with five tag team title reigns, but their promos are among the most creative and funniest in all of WWE. Due to those two factors, and their ability to shill merchandise like no one's business, they are acting as a main event faction now that Kofi Kingston is now the WWE Champion.

The group is more than deserving of their spot, but one thing that the Superstar Shake Up did to SmackDown was leave it devoid of several main event level heels. Things are being done to rectify that currently as it appears Elias will become one of the top heels on Tuesday nights. Kevin Owens also finally turned heel again on SmackDown after attacking Xavier Woods and Kingston following Kingston's match with Shinsuke Nakamura.

SmackDown will allow both Elias and a potentially heel-turning Aleister Black time to grow into their roles. If done correctly, each performer could traditionally challenge for the main titles in WWE. Randy Orton is still around, but new heels with major potential need to be created to carry the brand year round. Orton is a part-timer and if Black is turning to the dark side, it will benefit everyone else in the long run.

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Published 25 Apr 2019, 07:09 IST
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