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5 reasons why Bayley was booed on Raw

Riju Dasgupta
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Why was Bayley drowned in a chorus of boos on Raw?
Why was Bayley drowned in a chorus of jeers on Raw?

As popular as Bayley was when she was in NXT, her run in the main roster has been hardly anywhere near as special. While fans had clamoured for her to rush to the main roster as soon as humanly possible, once she got there, they saw her fall from grace and slowly become just another character in the paper-thin women's division.

So far has she fallen that when she came out on Raw to address a legitimate injury that she suffered, the crowd drowned her out and booed her out of the building in unison. This was when Bayley was actually on the verge of tears, for missing out on SummerSlam. I think we can all agree that a woman as talented as Bayley deserves better, and we must examine the root cause of the crowd turning on her. Here are five possible reasons why:

#5 WWE just cannot book babyfaces

Just ask Roman Reigns!
Just ask Roman Reigns!

Remember how over Seth Rollins was when he played a heel? Now he's a babyface and we hear crickets when he comes out. The fact remains that WWE cannot book babyfaces anymore. Yes, they cannot get the crowd to root for the good guy. They can get a monster over, a la Braun Strowman. They can get a heel over, such as The Miz. In the case of a babyface, they make them appear far too clean cut and almost unrealistically nice in the face of adversity. Just ask Roman Reigns, who should have been booked as a Samoan destroyer machine!

Bayley got over in NXT, because she lost and lost and lost, until the crowd wanted her to win, very desperately indeed. On the main roster, she became Raw Women's Champion in almost no time at all. WWE did not endear Bayley to the audience and created a character that has, over time, fallen so far deep that there's hardly any way out anymore.

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