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5 Reasons why Braun Strowman is the perfect opponent for Roman Reigns

The Big Dog versus the Monster among Men is a masterstroke by the WWE...and here's why

Top 5 / Top 10 11 May 2017, 00:04 IST

Roman Reigns, it’s fair to say, isn’t the most popular wrestler on the WWE roster.

Some don’t like how consistently he is booked to win. Some don’t like the fact that he’s perennially propped at the front of the queue, relegating other fan favourites to bit part roles. Others just flat out don’t like him.

And ever since he was handpicked to presumably bring down the curtains on the Undertaker’s career at WrestleMania 33, the outcry against him has reached fever pitch. 

Instead of turning a blind eye to the protests, however, the WWE pulled off a blinder by booking him in a bruising rivalry against the Monster among Men, Braun Strowman. And here are 5 reasons why we think that their match-making skills – in this instance at least – have been nothing short of perfect.

#5 Shoe on the other foot

After watching Roman Reigns practically bully (he eliminated him in the Rumble and defeated him at Mania) the Undertaker into retirement, it’s nice to see him get pushed around for a bit.

Now, I don’t mean this with any malice, but it does offer a nice change-up in programming stance to see Reigns pitted against someone who can capsize an ambulance with him in it!

The fans absolutely hated witnessing the Deadman lose to Reigns, and although he isn’t technically a heel, it’s still somewhat assuaging to watch him get his comeuppance for unceremoniously booting the most celebrated legend in the industry into retirement.

Call it vicarious satisfaction or whatever else you will; it still feels pretty damn good, doesn’t it?

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