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5 Reasons why Brock Lesnar will remain Universal Champion until Wrestlemania 35

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The Beast will likely hold onto the Universal Title until April 2019.
The Beast will likely hold onto the Universal Title until April 2019.

Many fans met Brock Lesnar's Universal Title win at Crown Jewel with disdain and disappointment.

A lot of people felt it would finally be time for Braun Strowman to steer the ship on Monday Nights.

Several things, however, have changed those perceptions over the last month or so.

The main point to remember is that Roman Reigns' shocking announcement of his battle with leukemia affected a lot of people emotionally. It also forced WWE to rethink and reassess its plans both in the short term and long term.

Many storylines were starting to take shape while others had been planned long beforehand.

Since Reigns obviously featured prominently in a lot of those plans, drastic yet sensible plans had to be followed.

Here are five reasons why Brock Lesnar will likely hold on to the Universal Championship until Wrestlemania 35.

#5: Strowman allegedly may have some backstage heat and may even be injured

Is Braun his own worst enemy backstage?
Is Braun his own worst enemy backstage?

Backstage heat.

Those two words are the worst thing that can plague a wrestler.

If he or she is hand-picked for bigger things, anything that causes backstage heat will usually stall that push a wrestler might be getting.

A DUI, insensitive comments on social media or even news that paints the superstar and/or WWE in negative light will cancel a wrestler's push.

WWE holds its superstars to a higher standard than they ever have before, so anything seen as detrimental is a death blow for a wrestler penciled in for a big push.

Just ask Big Cass about his political views. Or don't.

According to Mike Johnson of's radio show, Braun didn't win the Universal Title at Crown Jewel because he is indeed suffering from a case of backstage heat

The report mentions that Strowman is "negligent about showing up on time and leaving early" among other things.

If these things are indeed true, then we now know why he didn't capture his first singles' title in the WWE.

Until you do win the major title, you probably need to be extra careful to do things the right way. If you don't, you might have to wait even longer before you win a title.

Once a wrestler wins a major title, then they might start to gain more pull backstage.

Whether these rumors about him are true or not, it's disappointing not to see someone who's been on the cusp of super-stardom win the title to legitimize themselves.

Another thought is that perhaps he is hurt. He was squashed relatively quickly and his role on the following Raw was merely to chase Baron Corbin around the arena.

Is he truly hurt or is he in the doghouse? Whichever is true, it was frustrating to put the belt back on a guy they worked so hard to take it off of.

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