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5 reasons why Charlotte Flair needs to win the Women's championship on SmackDown Live this week

Riju Dasgupta
9.50K   //    12 Nov 2017, 12:33 IST

Will Charlotte be able to dethrone Natalya, at long last?
Will Charlotte Flair be able to dethrone Natalya, at long last?

We have seen Charlotte Flair and Natalya clash several times in the past. Two of the best workers in the current WWE women's roster, their matches are always above par.

Shane McMahon stipulated last week that since Natalya used a steel chair to hold on to her championship, the last time the two women met (at Hell in a Cell), she would have to defend her title again on the go-home show of SmackDown Live before Survivor Series 2017, next week. Natalya, of course, was not too pleased.

The winner of this match will fight for brand pride at Survivor Series 2017. Will it be the cranky and crazy cat lady or the genetically superior Charlotte Flair who goes on to battle The Goddess of WWE?

We believe that it should be Charlotte Flair, and here are five reasons why we think so.

#5 Natalya is not an exciting champion

There's an X-Factor lacking in the Queen of Hearts
There's an X-Factor lacking in the Queen of Hearts

No one disputes the fact that Natalya is one of the best in-ring workers not just on SmackDown Live, but perhaps in the entire women's roster. However, ever since she has become the SmackDown Live Women's Champion, the division has not fired on all cylinders.

Her gimmick is not fully fleshed out, and while Natalya is not really a bad promo at all, she hasn't been put in enough compelling programs to have her character react to situations and get the audience invested in her gimmick, really. While it is not entirely her fault, she hasn't been an interesting women's champion yet.

Charlotte Flair looks the part, has been a flagbearer for the women's division in the past (when it was far more exciting than it is right now), and can be a great representative for the women on SmackDown Live when they battle the RAW women.

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