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5 reasons why Dean Ambrose should be added to the Universal Title match at the 2019 Royal Rumble 

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Does the Universal Title match need a little more energy in the form of Ambrose?
Does the Universal Title match need a little more energy in the form of Ambrose?

The Universal Title match at the Royal Rumble is once again going to be Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman, and if that doesn't get you excited, well no one is criticizing you, as this is narrative that is more overdone than a Raw main event.

While some fans dont mind seeing Braun Strowman get another opportunity against Brock Lesnar, the truth is that it might not end well for Strowman, as it seems unlikely WWE would take the title off one of their biggest draws in Brock Lesnar.

So what could have been done to make this match even more interesting, even though Lesnar winning seems like a formality at this point? Well, this match needs a wildcard, a superstar that creates uncertainty, and that could have been Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose in a World Title match feels quite unlikely at this point, but if it were to happen how would it positively affect the Universal Title, these competitors and the entire Raw brand going forward?

#1 Unfinished business

The feud that everyone thought would launch Ambrose's career.
The feud that everyone thought would launch Ambrose's career.

Back in 2016, it was clear that WWE started to believe in Dean Ambrose, as they put him in several Wolrd Title matches, involved him in the biggest narratives of the year, and they put him up against the biggest star in the company at the time, Brock Lesnar. Ambrose vs Lesnar should have been a modern classic, as these were two men that were complete opposites of each other, as Ambrose was the unpredictable lunatic, while Lesnar was the reserved ass kicker.

While many expected their WrestleMania 32 showdown to steal the show, it actually disappointed everyone, as their match had no standout moments other than Ambrose grating his face against barbed wire. Fans couldn't understand what went down that made this match lacklustre, and just a few months later we got the answer, as Ambrose appeared on the Stone Cold podcast.

While the interview would become infamous in its own right, it was interesting to know that Ambrose told Stone Cold that the reason why his match with Lesnar was so disappointing was due to Lesnar not wanting to do any of Ambrose's planned out spots for the match.

Real life heat between two wrestlers is quite common, but when its superstars on this scale one could only imagine the implications, this could have in a reignited storyline. Ambrose getting in the ring with Lesnar one more time to wrap up his unfinished business with "the beast" would truly be warranted, and it would make the dull Universal Title match more interesting.


#2 It will elevate Ambrose's heel turn

Ambrose's heel turn has been a failure up to this point.
Ambrose's heel turn has been a failure up to this point.

Dean Ambrose is a special character in a dull era of WWE, as his character felt distinctive enough to make him a fan favourite, that is why when it was time for Ambrose to naturally turn heel, fans were expecting something extraordinary from WWE's creative team, as this was a wrestler that has all the capabilities to succeed in a villainous role.

From his strong backstory to Ambrose's natural ability to succeed as a heel, everything was set for Ambrose to be WWE next top heel. And his heel turn was perfectly booked, the follow up was amazing, but everything afterwards was a big joke.

Ambrose cosplayed as Bane, became a germaphobe, and had motivations of a generic rookie, those things ruined his character for many, and that needs to change. So, how would Ambrose's inclusion in the Universal Title match improve his heel character?

Firstly, being involved with megastars such as Lesnar and Strowman as opposed to mid-carders like Apollo Crews and Tyler Breeze instantly raises Ambrose's stock. Moreover, it gives him the spotlight to showcase his heel character in full form while not being overshadowed by a rising top star like Seth Rollins.

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