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5 reasons why Enzo Amore has succeeded

Riju Dasgupta
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What factors have made Enzo Amore the most 'over' Cruiserweight, in the entire division?

How ironic is it that an entire division founded on the premise of sensational in-ring skills became a lot more exciting when arguably the worst worker in the company came to the brand?

Love him or hate him, Enzo Amore has made the Cruiserweight Division relevant once again. From the time when one could hear a pin drop when the purple ropes came on, the Cruiserweights have been booked in the main event segment of RAW, three weeks in a row.

Enzo Amore should have failed. The entire locker room hates him and his guts, seemingly. They've buried him on screen as well (remember the segment where Maryse announced her pregnancy and the ensuing match that Enzo had against The Miz?) and by all accounts, he shouldn't have succeeded.

However, there is an X-Factor in Enzo that has made not just him, but the entire 205 Live division extremely relevant. We bring you 5 reasons for his tremendous success. Let us know what you think of our assessments in the comments, right below.

#5 He truly lives his character

There are few who understand Enzo's character better than him!
There are few who understand Enzo's character better than him!

When Enzo calls himself the 'realest guy in the room', he does mean it. Many have said that he rubs people the wrong way because he is the way he is on screen, round the clock. Yes, we can imagine how annoying it must get backstage, but this is an example of him living his character.

How often is it that we see a disconnect between the character a superstar is supposed to portray and the way he/she comes across during the show? The biggest example of this is Natalya, who is a natural babyface but who has been cast as a heel on screen.

As a result of him living his character, Enzo's segments are fiery red at all points in time. He breathes fire on the microphone and never breaks character, even when he is in the middle of the ring. Just look at how much effort he puts into his wardrobe too.

Little wonder then that he was a top merch seller even when he was a part of the main roster on RAW.

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