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5 reasons why Finn Balor needs to turn heel

The heel turn of Finn Balor might save his WWE career.

Feature 01 Feb 2018, 16:02 IST

Finn Balor
Finn Balor

Finn Balor has been one of the fan favorites in WWE ever since he signed with the company. Without a doubt he is one of the best NXT champions in the history; he held the title for an impressive 292 days which is the longest NXT championship reign as of writing. WWE was in the mood to give this guy a big push by making him the first ever Universal Champion within a month of his main roster debut. He was the top guy in the company for a while, but unfortunately, he was injured and has never been same again.

After he came back, he had a horrible feud with Bray Wyatt which led to nothing and made both of them look bad. Balor is in a stage right now where fans don't care about him; he is just another guy on the roster, but one thing can really change his future, and that's a heel turn.

#5 A perfect introduction to Balor Club

The Balor Club
The Balor Club

As we all know, Finn Balor reunited with his New Japan buddies Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to form the stable Balor Club. It's no secret that Balor started the heel stable in New Japan Pro Wrestling with the name of Bullet Club; it became so popular that after Balor left, AJ Styles came and became the leader of the group and it was an effective heel stable that kept the same name.

It would be interesting to see a heel Balor with his heel group in WWE.

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