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5 reasons why Finn Balor should move to Smackdown Live in 2018

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A whole new world awaits Balor.
Modified 26 Sep 2018
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Finn Balor was once the hottest star in the entirety of WWE, as his 2016 run on Raw was hailed as a new chapter in WWE, and fans were on board for a new star to take the helm, and surprisingly so were WWE.

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Balor went on to defeat Seth Rollins at Summerslam 2016 for the Universal Championship, it was a great moment for the history books and an even more significant moment for the state of WWE at that time, as fans voices were heard by the company, but in a shocking turn of events Balor was injured in the match and had to vacate his title.

And ever since that day Balor walked out of the company as a man with no title and just a broken shoulder, he never came back the same, as WWE lost faith in the man with regards to his durability and thus his booking declined as well.

On Raw, Finn Balor is nothing more than a midcard pushover, but this should not be the case, as Balor would thrive on another show, another brand to be exact. Smackdown Live is the best place for Finn Balor, and WWE should take one of their brightest stars and rebuild him on the show. 

#1 A true midcard classic

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Balor and Nakamura could elevate the US Title.

Balor has no real feud on Raw, as his battles with Baron Corbin have been nothing but utter crap, as WWE took no time to invest fans into that narrative and instead came up with terrible subplots that only furthered portrayed the former Universal Champion as some sort of cruiserweight rookie.

On Smackdown Live, there is a clear dream programme awaiting Balor in the form of Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura has not had the best US Title reign that fans would have expected, as his lack of proper baby-faced challengers has done him no favors.

Therefore, Balor vs Nakamura is one of those programmes every wrestling fan wants to see, as their first meeting down in NXT was one of the hottest matches in the brand’s history. So, it would not be a problem for WWE to re-create that on the blue brand. 

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Published 26 Sep 2018, 18:28 IST
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