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5 reasons why Goldberg shouldn't have challenged The Fiend for Universal Championship

  • WWE probably shouldn't have done this. #WWE
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Modified 10 Feb 2020, 20:55 IST

#4 Likelihood of a squash match

Will The Fiend versus Goldberg end up being a squash match.
Will The Fiend versus Goldberg end up being a squash match.

While The Fiend's last few matches have been drawn out and story-driven, that might not actually end up being the case against Goldberg. In fact, with Goldberg being notorious for short matches and The Fiend obviously needing a win at Super Showdown, this could end up being one of the most one-sided title matches of the entire year.

Of course Goldberg will probably start off with his signature jackhammer followed up with a vicious spear, but everyone knows The Fiend is just going to get up unscathed and choke him out. Or maybe the Universal Champion toy with him a little before disposing of him, but it's pretty evident that the goal is to get The Fiend a big win.

And that's probably the goal here. To get The Fiend a big win, but one also has to consider the cost of that. Unfortunately for those expecting another thriller in the ongoing saga that is The Fiend, the cost of this will ultimately be that fans are treated to a squash match that will do little to further anything.

Published 10 Feb 2020, 12:10 IST
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