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5 reasons why Hulk Hogan should come back to WWE

J. Carpenter
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Are fans ready to let Hulkamania run wild once again?

Growing up in the 1980's, I was certainly privy to some great wrestling memories. My grandmother first sat me in front of a TV screen to watch wrestling in the early 80's, just as the phenomena known as "Hulkamania" was set to officially run wild. I was immediately hooked. From the first time I watched Hulk Hogan, I instantly wanted to rip my shirt, say my prayers and take someone's vitamins.

The Hulkamania Era was a very important part of my childhood. Most of my good memories as a child are centered around Hulk Hogan or something else associated with professional wrestling. As I grew older, I remained a staunch fan of the sport, despite the eventual revelation that the matches were pre-determined. Nothing can expel the love I have for this industry and the respect I have for the men and women who sacrifice their bodies for the sake of my entertainment.

When the news broke of Hulk Hogans sex scandal, I was pretty disappointed in the Hulkster. However, when the details broke which explained more of the truth surrounding the situation, I got over it pretty quickly. Afterall, his bedroom life is really none of my concern. But then there was the real blow- the leaked audio surfaced which recorded Hogan using some racially insensitive verbiage. This was the fatal shot, so-to-speak and when it was all said and done, Hulk Hogan was terminated from his WWE contract, thus bringing an abrupt end to his big comeback tour.

Since his departure from WWE, Hogan has been on a mission to make sure the entire world knew he was truly apologetic and that he was sincere about accepting 100% responsibility for his actions. While some have accepted his apology, there are those who have yet to accept his words of remorse. In fact, some likely never will accept an apology from Hogan as they feel his damage is too severe for forgiveness.

In recent weeks, there have been several reports suggesting that Hulk Hogan is in talks with WWE officials regarding a potential comeback. With that said, do you feel Hulk Hogan should be welcomed back?

In this column, I give you 5 reasons why WWE officials should welcome Hogan back with open arms.

#5 He has accepted his faults

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What's left to say?

If you really think about all of the celebrities in recent history who have found themselves in some sort of hot water, you'll easily find some who have blatantly denied their accusers, no matter how damning the evidence may be against them. That was certainly not the case for Hulk Hogan once the reports surfaced of his racially insensitive remarks. While Hogan could have taken the easy route and simply refused comment, or perhaps he could have shot down the accusations, stating that the leaked audio was only a brief snippet, taken from a long, complicated, personal conversation.

Regardless of the options that may have been available, The Hulkster faced his demons head-on. Hogan has not avoided the gigantic elephant in the room. In fact, he faces it head-on and has been 100% open and apologetic with the public and his fans.

At the end of the day, Hogan made some horrible decisions to use some absolutely deplorable remarks. However, he cannot take those words back, the damage has been done and he knows that. When you listen to him speak on the topic, you can see the regret in his eyes. At some point, do we finally let go and accept his apology as sincere?

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