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5 reasons why Lesnar vs. Lashley may not have happened so far

Riju Dasgupta
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18.85K   //    08 Dec 2018, 09:30 IST

Why haven't we seen the ultimate clash yet?
Why haven't we seen the ultimate clash yet?

It is a match that has been discussed and spoken about for many years. Lashley vs. Lesnar was always touted as a dream match but it never happened because the two men were never in the same promotion, at the same time. Until now. And yet, this dream match continues to remain a mere dream, even now.

Why hasn't WWE booked the two big men to clash in the ring? I can think of 5 reasons and will list them for you in the comments. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section as well.

Will Lashley vs. Lesnar ever happen in the future? I hope it does, more for Lashley's case than Lesnar's, because Lashley needs the match.

Maybe it will happen inside the octagon some day.

#5 The crowd wouldn't know whom to root for

Who would be the babyface in this equation?
Who would be the babyface in this equation?

WWE still has the traditional mindset of babyfaces vs. heels. This is a mindset that has served them well over the years, and this is a mindset that they will not want to change as long as it's working for them. Having two heels take each other on may ruin the match before it even really gets underway.

Brock Lesnar has not endeared himself to fans owing to his part-time appearances. Corbin cheated to help him regain the Universal Championship at Crown Jewel, and this made Lesnar even less popular than he was in the eyes of many. Though he doesn't abide by the usual heel guidebook, Lesnar does have many heel traits.

Lashley is a full-blown heel and a foot soldier for the corrupt Constable Corbin on RAW, as part of his stable. It doesn't make sense to have them fight, at least right now.

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