5 Reasons Mick Foley is the best Raw GM ever

Mick Foley’s role as Raw general manager is one of his best in WWE

If you ever wanted to know just how much Mick Foley loves professional wrestling, watch the promo he cut on Monday night. The passion he showed when talking about Hell in a Cell, while Sasha Banks and Charlotte waited to sign their WWE Women’s title contract, might be one of the signature moments of 2016.

When someone like Foley, who may be the most knowledgeable wrestler there is, when discussing the effects of the steel structure that almost killed him in his famous match against the Undertaker; puts it all on the line like he did, you know have something special.

For the wrestling fan, Foley’s plea to the current champion, Banks, and the former champion, Charlotte, will go down as one for the ages.

When Raw and SmackDown Live made the infamous brand change and created two general manager positions, I was sceptical of both Foley and Daniel Bryan, the SmackDown Live choice to assume the role.

For the most part, both have exceeded my expectations. While it’s not for me to decide if the job they have done is successful, I see Foley as the star of this split – the man who has taken the red team and helped forge a potential future of excellence.

Of course, depth, booking and character development must still be improved. But if anyone thinks Foley isn’t the right man for the job, they need their head examined. And after looking at the past general managers – what they accomplished and how they helped to improve their rosters and brand, Foley appears on track to be the most successful.

While there have been others who have fulfilled the role and done a solid job, even in this short time frame, Foley is already one of, if not the best Raw has had ever.

Here are five reasons why I know this to be true:

#1 Passion 

There are few former wrestlers who are as passionate about the business than Foley

There isn’t a single wrestler on Raw’s roster, who is as passionate about the business and making it successful as Foley is. His resume speaks for itself. And when he can cut a promo, almost bring himself to tears, and leave an otherwise silent crowd, in awe of how he promotes the company, that speaks volumes about how loves what he does.

When Foley was assuming other characters– Cactus Jack, Mankind and Dude Love, there was never the type of passion he displayed as he has done when being himself in the ring. While many disagree with how Raw has been managed and how there are still plenty of loose ends, no one can doubt his sincerity to his job.

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