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5 reasons why Monday Night Raw is not how it used to be and 5 ways to make it better

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11.19K   //    10 Nov 2018, 23:15 IST

Why has Monday Night Raw lost its shine?
Why has Monday Night Raw lost its shine?

Does anyone else feel like Monday Night Raw is on a downward spiral?

Whether that is due to the fact that WWE is probably still reeling after going through with The controversial, Crown Jewel pay per view, but also from the loss of many of their top superstars to injury or illness.

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Beyond that, they have one of the most underwhelming title pictures in all of WWE, which has been the norm for the show for several years.

Between all that and the flagship shows ratings dropping week to week as a result of this, one has to wonder what exactly the company is doing wrong with The red brand and how to get things back on track.

In the end, that decision will ultimately rest upon WWE and what they think is best for business, but their bottom line will suffer greatly if they keep ignoring fans.

As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to let us know what you like and dislike about Monday Night Raw right now.

Please keep in mind that these entries will be based on my criticisms of the show and might not be things you would see as wrong or that needs to change.

Disclaimer: The views in the article are the writer's and doesn't reflect SportsKeeda's stand

#5 The Authority gimmick

Why does WWE always have to focus on Authority figures like Triple H and Stephanie McMahon?
Why does WWE always have to focus on Authority figures like Triple H and Stephanie McMahon?

While The Authority gimmick does have its upsides, it's something that has been a focal point of Monday Night Raw for years now and the company seems hesitant to deviate from this form of storytelling.

With that being said, the gimmick has been so overdone in the last couple of years that the company is running out of new ways to tell the story.

Beyond that problem, there aren't really any superstars that are able or WWE is willing to set up in that position.

Of course, they were willing to put Roman Reigns in that position in hopes of making him the next top star at one time, but he wasn't an underdog and that's why it never seemed to work.

In the end, Baron Corbin and Kurt Angle competing for the power of Raw is something WWE has already done in the past with other superstars, which takes away from the uniqueness of it happening now.

In fact, WWE has stuck so much with the copy and paste method with this storyline that it's really become hard to watch.

Furthermore, the way WWE books these type of storylines, it's often months before the babyface finally gets the upper hand, and he could be given up on before that even happens.

It happened almost happened to Daniel Bryan during his championship pursuits in 2013, but the fans ultimately refused to give up on him, which turned the tide in his favour.

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