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5 Reasons why Randy Orton joining the Wyatt Family is a good thing

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What will a move to the Wyatt Family mean for Randy Orton?

Randy Orton said it himself. If he couldn’t beat the Wyatt Family, why not join the heel stable? It was a surprise move, by the 12-time WWE World Champion and should lead to a feud with Kane as we get closer to the end of 2016.

While Orton’s return to the ring, following shoulder surgery and a neck injury has been uneventful, this move – the one where he goes from fighting the enemy to becoming one – is the best thing for him.

I wrote in other pieces that I thought; there was a solid chance Orton would spend less time in the main event picture and more time trying to decipher, where he stands with the company that helped make him a star.

Orton has a resume most professional wrestlers would be envious of, and as he has matured in the ring and off screen, he has become more of a team player. In the ring, the consummate loner is now part of the best heel clan in wrestling. How he fits in, is a mystery to me, but obviously, WWE knows what it’s doing.

Here are five reasons why Orton’s move to the dark side and part of the Wyatt Family is a good thing.

#1 Feud with Kane  

The move opens the door to a feud with Kane

This is more out of necessity than anything else. I am not sure why there was a need to turn him heel, but now that he has made that move to the dark side, he and his rival Kane can find another chapter to write, as they look to remain viable on the blue roster.

Kane had been lurking around the mid card from time to time this year, grossly underused and inching closer to the end of this career. Orton didn’t have a real place on the roster, wasn’t part of a main event run and injuries have taken their toll on his position in the company.

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