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5 reasons why Renee Young's panned WWE Raw commentary is not her fault

Nicky Pags
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Renee Young
Renee Young

Last year, WWE Raw announcer Renee Young made history when she became the first female to join the Raw commentary team on a full-time basis. Since her debut, Young has called the action on Monday nights alongside Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

Despite many fans enjoying the unique voice Renee Young brings to the commentary team on WWE Raw each week, Young has received her fair share of criticism from a group of fans who feel the former NXT announcer is underperforming on WWE's flagship show.

Over the weekend, Young herself tweeted that she agrees with the assessment that she is "not great" on Raw commentary, admitting,

“Here’s the truth. I know im not great on commentary, but it’s my job. I try to get better each week. People love to tell me how bad I am at it as if I think I’m great at it. So I should just quit? What would that say about me? Not easy to learn a skill on a gigantic global tv show.”

Given the above statement from Young, let's take a look at five reasons why her performance on WWE Monday Night Raw is not her fault.

#5 Her dialogue is too scripted

Dolph Ziggler and Renee Young
Dolph Ziggler and Renee Young

WWE fans have often criticized the company for overly scripting talent promos, and the same can be said for the main roster commentary teams.

Pay close attention the next time a WWE camera closes up on the commentary teams during a broadcast, as their thick scripts should be evident, and many times you can actually see the announcers reading from their scripts during shows.

Some talents are better at making scripted lines sound natural, and while the announce team's commentary is not completely scripted, Renee Young's forte does not seem to be delivering the promotional style content which is likely written out for her by the creative team.

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