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5 Reasons why Roman Reigns as the Intercontinental Champion isn't a bad idea

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Roman Reigns poses with the IC Championship
Roman Reigns poses with the IC Championship

As everyone probably knows by now, Roman Reigns became the Intercontinental Champion after he speared the living daylights out of the Miz on the fallout episode of Raw following WWE Survivor Series.

Some of you, who've still not warmed to the idea of him being Vince McMahon's 'chosen one' may resent that. Some of you, like the crowd that was present for today's episode of Monday Night Raw, may feel that he deserves it.

Whichever stance you adopt, you probably can't deny that the Intercontinental Title scene could have done with a change...especially since the other major single's Title for men on the brand hardly gets defended and never changes hands even when it does.

Also, the Miz had to leave in order to film the next instalment of the Marine...meaning that someone had to step up to the plate and pick up where he left off.

And personally, I think that it's good for all the parties involved that Roman Reigns was the man who did that. Here are 5 reasons why.

Elevates the Title

The Miz was insanely entertaining...but was he a great IC Champion?
The Miz was insanely entertaining...but was he a great IC Champion?

As much as the MIz was a phenomenal talker...well, that's all he really did, isn't it?

Sometimes, a Title needs defending regularly and even though the Hollywood A-Lister is a heel, the Intercontinental Title was going nowhere when he held it.

The segments that he appeared in were must-see not because of the Title he carried, but because of him.


While that certainly conveys that he was over as a Superstar, it also meant that the IC Title was an afterthought when he was in possession of it.

Also, it didn't help that he practically jobbed to Strowman and the Shield too.

The IC Title needs a strong champion that can defend it on a weekly basis and make it mean something more than just a prop that lends credibility to its holder.

In fact, I'm pretty certain that it needs to be the other way around.

And Roman Reigns may be just the guy to accomplish that.

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