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5 Reasons why Ronda Rousey's WWE run may not succeed

Here are five reasons why Ronda Rouse's WWE venture may turn out to be unsuccessful.

Top 5 / Top 10 20 Feb 2018, 16:40 IST

WWE Mae Young Classic
WWE Mae Young Classic

While it was not a huge shocker, the decision of former UFC women's bantamweight Champion to move to the WWE was still a buzzworthy item among observers, to say the least. While some like Cris Cyborg feel that "Rowdy" would do well in pro-wrestling (with a bit of sarcasm), others have not totally bought into the idea, just yet.

Whether Ronda Rousey achieves the same amount of success in the WWE, only time will tell. But in this article, we will be looking at five possible reasons why her new career venture would likely end up to be a bust.

#5 Her mic skills are a bit questionable

UFC 157: Rousey v Carmouche
UFC 157: Rousey v Carmouche

Ronda Rousey was indeed a phenom during the peak of her career. Not only did she prove it inside the Octagon, but her persona outside of it was also a sight to behold for observers and media members.

While she did have the personality to be the subject of noteworthy headlines, many of her "quotable quotes" were cringe-worthy, to say the least. After referring to former fierce rival Cris Cyborg as an "embarrassment to both Brazil and women's MMA", she even went as far as claiming that she would be able to beat up male bantamweight fighters in the UFC.

Granted that pro-wrestling trash talk could get worse at times, but Rousey's seeming penchant for outrageous hyperboles might not sit well for WWE fans.

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