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5 reasons why Ronda Rousey turned heel on WWE RAW

Rohit Nath
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Published Mar 05, 2019
Mar 05, 2019 IST

Well, it's official! Ronda Rousey officially turned heel in the main event of RAW on 4th March. With just over a month left to WrestleMania, this was certainly one turn we didn't expect on this crazy road.

Just to give a quick recap, in the middle of the show, Stephanie McMahon announced that after Ronda Rousey placed the RAW Women's title on the floor, the title was officially vacated, and as a result, Becky Lynch's suspension has been lifted too. She announced that Becky vs Charlotte Flair would happen at Fastlane for the vacant RAW Women's Championship - under one condition.

Becky had to sign a hold harmless agreement to sign off on the fact that if/when she gets hurt at Fastlane, she won't be able to sue WWE. That didn't stop her from signing the contract anyway, but Rousey stormed out and claimed the title back.

She then turned on the fans and began a brutal assault on Becky Lynch, cementing a shocking heel turn. Here's why Rousey turned heel after a full year with the company.

#5. She was getting booed already

While she was quite a respected babyface for a while, in this feud, she was never going to be preferred over Becky Lynch. Lynch is the bonafide fan favourite in this rivalry, and WWE knew that Ronda Rousey was getting booed.

We've seen instances where she was clearly riled up the crowd, and while she's great, she lacks the mic skills to be able to handle that situation as many other superstars have done in the past.

However, with Rousey likely getting increasingly booed by the week, WWE probably just decided that it was better to turn her heel and give fans a reason to boo her. They wouldn't want to repeat the same thing that happened with Roman Reigns.

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