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5 Reasons Rusev should turn face

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3.62K   //    15 Nov 2016, 19:43 IST
Rusev is ready for a main event run. Will it be as a babyface or a heel?

Nikita Koloff was one of the ‘baddest’ men in NWA history. He was big, strong and almost invincible. At a time when professional wrestling had the corner, marketing on “super heels”, there were few who symbolised the “good versus evil” concept better than the Russian Nightmare.

When Magnum TA suffered the car accident that nearly took his life and immediately ended his wrestling career, Dusty Rhodes – the booker for Jim Crockett Promotions – devised an idea that changed the business forever.

Koloff, the man who rushed through opponents and looked to be a sure-fire NWA World Champion, became a babyface and with Rhodes became the Super Powers.

Professional wrestling has a way of changing lanes as quickly as someone would change their underwear. The growing climate of WWE, with its uneven rosters and lack of depth, may require more changing of its characters, which could lead to Rusev making a jump, to help the good guys balance the scales.

Rusev, the mighty Bulgarian Brute, with Lana as his partner in crime, is the mega heel Vince McMahon has desired for years. Since Mark Henry’s run with the World Heavyweight Title, there has never been a wrestler as intimidating, strong and vigilant in garnering heat from the fans, as Rusev.

If not for his beautiful wife, there wouldn’t be any support for him, which is precisely why making a move to a babyface role confuses me. But in the world of professional wrestling, it makes sense.

Coming off a Hell in a Cell pay-per-view against Roman Reigns, and then the next evening’s edition of Raw, where he dropped a chance to face Dolph Ziggler at Survivor Series after a loss to Sami Zayn; maybe there is some credence in the notion change will do Rusev some good.

Here are five reasons Rusev should turn babyface on the red team.

#5 The Roman Reigns heel turn 

Would a Rusev babyface turn lead to a Roman Reigns
’ heel turn?

OK, I am sure by now we are all sick of talking about it. In theory, Reigns gets better week after week. The sudden “brotherly love” between himself and Seth Rollins probably helps his cause.

Fans are still divided over how to feel about the three-time world champion. It is clear that WWE wants him to become the lead dog in Raw once again. What this does for Rollins is anyone’s guess. I believe in the theory that if one wrestler becomes a babyface, another must turn heel. 

If there is anyone on Raw’s roster who could gain a boost from changing his ways to evil, it is certainly the big dog.

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