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5 Reasons why the brand split cannot last

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There are plenty of reasons why the brand split cannot last forever

Watching Raw and Smackdown Live go head to head each week, calling each other out, trying to prove one is better than the other is a lot like sibling rivalry. While the blue team is in the lead, it may not be long before the red team figures out how to catch up in ratings and crowd support.

This is a common issue when you have one wrestling company that is far superior to the other promotions that move along like the Little Engine That Could. WWE made it known early on – back when Vince McMahon bought the company from his father over 30 years ago, he wanted to be the biggest and the best brand out there.

He succeeded in destroying whatever was in his path, first taking down the AWA and slowly picking apart the NWA and finally acquiring WCW. Big brother became the master tyrant that everyone feared.

Now, with a handful of promotions gaining some momentum, albeit a slight amount, and the addition of many independent promotions that thrive on local interest, there is a belief the smaller brands will continue to grow – but won’t conquer the empire McMahon has built.

For now, Raw and Smackdown Live are doing exactly what they were designed to do – keep fans interested in something new and fresh. But even that idea has lost some steam. Football is back, the Major League Baseball season has reached the playoffs. There is a Presidential election in the United States and there are other mitigating factors in the decline of ratings – all of which are secondary to the fact the wheel in this business has been reinvented over and over again.

Ultimately a good thing that was started will die a long and agonising death. And once again, McMahon and his cronies will go back to the drawing board to reinvent a product he hopes fans will buy into once more. Here are five reasons why the brand split cannot last.

#1 Depth Perception

There isn’t enough depth on either roster to maintain solid feuds

When the draft was held July 19, you could tell right away there was no balance of power. Raw took the majority of talent with the hope of maintaining its spot as the top-rated television program. That has failed because both rosters have deficiencies. Having bigger names to go by doesn't necessarily mean things are better.

The split ultimately will fail because there isn't enough depth on either side to maintain the current stamina associated with new programs and new feuds. What the company needs to re-evaluate is the chance to make trades in order to keep angles fresh and fans entertained.

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