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5 Reasons why The Miz is the best Intercontinental Champion in recent memory

Here are five reasons that make The Miz simply 'awesome'

The Miz has made the Intercontinental Championship more relevant than ever

Until not too long ago, The Miz was simply another wrestler in the mid card, who had fallen from grace after main eventing Wrestlemania 27. Fast forward to 2016, and he’s probably the best heel in WWE. Nobody had predicted this kind of resurgence in the Miz’s career and neither is anyone complaining!

The Miz won the Intercontinental Championship from Zack Ryder the night after Wrestlemania 32. And in the months since, he made the belt just as relevant as John Cena had made the United States Championship. It’s reached a point where taking the title off the Miz may just simply devalue the championship. 

What has made The Miz just an A-list champion in recent times? We at Sportskeeda give you 5 compelling reasons, right here.

#5 Ability to get under your skin

The Miz is probably the last true heel in 2016

We live in strange times indeed. Heels such as Chris Jericho and AJ Styles are more popular than babyfaces like Roman Reigns, and dare we say, maybe even Dean Ambrose. The Miz, in such a day and age, remains the last true heel in WWE. 

With the innate ability to get under the skin of both the babyface he is facing and the viewer watching at home, everybody always wants The Miz to be pulverised.

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Miz’s genius lies in the fact that he can make a packed audience despise him with his cowardly ways and mannerisms. It’s been a while since we saw a cowardly heel who thinks he is far better than you are! The Miz is that man. 

People pay money to see The Miz get beaten up. It’s an art in itself!

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