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5 Reasons why the Stone Cold Podcast killed Dean Ambrose's career

Dean Ambrose's appearance of the Stone Cold Podcast was a car crash. It was not a surprise that his push was killed shortly after it.

Top 5 / Top 10 23 Feb 2017, 19:01 IST
The Stone Cold Podcast was a huge mistake for Ambrose

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As soon as Dean Ambrose’s appearance on the podcast concluded, many speculated if Ambrose had damaged his career in any way, based on his unsociable demeanor and bizarre answers. 

The former WWE World Champion (at the time) revealed only strands of his complicated life story when speaking with Austin. Ambrose looked out of place—his "it" factor not apparent in this format. The exchange offered fans insight to Ambrose's past and mindset, even if it was terribly awkward at times.

A month after the interview, Ambrose was replaced by AJ Styles as the Champion.

Ambrose has since returned to the mid card and will be used as a stepping stone in his feud with Baron Corbin. We recently re-examined the appearance on our podcast, the “Dirty Sheets.” 

We came to the conclusion that the podcast was massively responsible for killing his push and pinpointed several areas where he lost both the audience and WWE higher-ups, as we re-listened to the entire thing once again on the air, pausing to analyse mistakes that Ambrose made.

Shockingly the appearance was so bad, that our Podcast ended up being twice the length of the original and unintentionally ended up being one of the hilarious podcasts we have ever done. You can listen to the podcast below, actually titled, “The beginning of the end for Dean Ambrose.”

Here are the five main areas where Ambrose killed his career.

#1 Being a poor role model

Ambrose taking the podcast into no man’s land again

During the interview, Ambrose alluded to being involved in criminal activity and not having an interest in school. He didn’t elaborate on the “bad things” he was involved in during his younger years, but openly confessed to stealing videos from Blockbuster video. 

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